Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Questions, emails, and the wicked witch of the west

Question of the day: How many times can I drop my wireless mouse and still have it in functioning condition (after I pop the top back into place?) The answer: eleven. So far.

Conversation of the day:
me: solubility is the measure of how well something dissolves
student: are people highly soluble?
me: no. do you dissolve when you get in the bath?
other student: well, the wicked witch of the west was highly soluble.
me: right you are.

And, for your enjoyment, an email exchange between me and The Aunt:

me:  Do you know where I can find approximately 20 lumps of coal for 20 ungrateful fourth graders?
her: Buy a bag of charcoal and preferably the kind with the built in lighter fluid so that they can be a fire hazard or chemical hazard also...

And that is why I love her so.
I'll try to email and explain the need for lumps of coal sometime later this evening.

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