Monday, January 31, 2011

Grown Up

A few questions for you.

Why wouldn’t the interwebs go all broken when I have a potential snow day preceded by an evening in which I really.need.the.interwebs?

Second, and clearly more important:

Why do people even go on allowing me to have the delusion that I am a grown up? I know I’m not an adult- make no mistake… I know. But a grown up? I tend to fancy myself as one of those.

Tomorrow, we have the potential for ice and snow, which leads to the potential for a snow day. I could give you exact percentages here, but as you can see, my interwebs are down- are you kidding me?

Well, my YL girls (the two that weren’t sick) came over to paint, so immediately after school, I went to the HobLob to get- um… paints and brushes and stuff. And canvases. Because I had enough at my house, but I wasn’t sure if the two girls were going to be bringing 25 of their closest friends and acquaintances, which is also why I bought two pizzas and crazy bread all for three girls, myself included.

And that’s not even the case I’m trying to present for my lack of success at grown-up-hood people. My case is this:

I don’t know if we’re actually having a snow day or not tomorrow, but it’s past my bedtime on a school night, I’m not even remotely settled down for bed, and at 9:15 this evening, I decided “OMG, Snow day tomorrow! No access to food, possibly ever again! I don’t have anything for breakfast tomorrow! Whatever will I do?!”!”!?!”

And decided to go to the grocery store.
At 9:15 at night.
On a school night.
Even though rumor has it we will NOT be having a snow day tomorrow.
God help my children.

And in case you weren’t convinced that I should not be labeled a ‘grown up’ (like, ever), here’s what I came home with:
- bread
- peanut butter (with honey)
- jelly
- milk
- Lucky Charms (don’t judge)
- cheese
- another type of cheese
- Mt. Dew (gotta keep hydrated)
- ice cream (don’t judge)

Now, if only we could get word about whether we have school or not.

Or if my interwebs will ever come back. Of course, now that I pay for them, someone’s going to get a phone call if I can’t check my email tomorrow morning.

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