Wednesday, February 02, 2011

rambling doesn't begin to cover it

The good news is that I'm not in Cairo, where apparently all of Egypt has self-destructed.

The bad news is that we have another snow day tomorrow are you kidding me I think I may poke my eyes out if I have to watch another news program yet I can stop myself from watching four or five hours a day.

At the moment, I've turned away from the news in favor of "Say Yes to the Dress", because that's so much healthier for my solitary state of being right now.

And if (IF) we ever get to go back to school, how am I supposed to go anywhere without my dog underneath my feet and next to me? How? I got in the bathtub today, and she seemed stressed out both because she couldn't be, and also, who would voluntarily get in a bath tub?

I'm basically just wandering around in my apartment, looking for direction and guidance. I get up and watch the news from 8-10, then piddle around, maybe play some Angry Birds, catch a show I missed the night before, and then watch the noon news. Somewhere in the day, I have some pb and j for lunch, or in the case of today, some crescent rolls with peanut butter.

Today I did some yearbook work, but the program I use is so slow. At least it lets me set some goals for myself, as before I woke up this morning, my only goal was a shower.

I'm not really sure what day of the week it is, much less what time of the day.

I've retired the pajama pants that I wore for something like 48 hours straight, which is a positive sign. And I did get a shower. (edited to add: put them back on this morning. They got a day to breathe...)

I took some more pictures of Daisy, as well as some of my peanut butter and crescent roll lunch. I'll let you know when the gallery showing opens.

Yesterday I started a book at about 3 in the afternoon and finished it at about 2:30am. Then I couldn't get to sleep. Doing nothing all day keeps you up all night. I'm trying not to start another book unless I hear that school is canceled tomorrow.

At which point I will weep silently to myself and go back under the piles of blankets on my couch.

If school is not canceled tomorrow, which I SO HOPE it is not, I will have to get up at the ungodly hour of 5:30am, and figure out how to do things like put on make up and use my hair dryer. Or jut put on a hat.

I've also discovered this morning that I'm leaving on a jet plane tomorrow to go see The Aunt, and I'm pretty sure I should put some clothes or something in a bag. Of course, it's supposed to snow tomorrow, the day I'm supposed to leave.

And again on Monday on the day I'm supposed to come back.

And again on Wednesday.

I have turned back into a women on the edge.
On the edge, people.
On the edge.


  1. I wish I could offer up something to keep you from the edge, but I've got my toes hanging off the ledge over here. And I have 5-inch heels on, so the toes over the ledge thing is particularly precarious...

  2. I've done gone over the edge. Sorry.



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