Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I broke my Lent

Warning: This post is rated TMI.
*We here at Wild and Precious want you to be fully informed that the following blog post entry may contain too much information that includes but is not limited to bodily functions such as vomit, burps, toots, and possibly some poo.

I broke my Lent, but it's okay.
Jesus told me I could because Karma was being a bitch very mean to me.

I spent the weekend with The Aunt and fam in Lubbock, and last night, we had Mexican food for dinner.I don't routinely crave Tex Mex like others do, so when the fam or friends wants to go Tex Mex for a meal, I don't complain because I rarely have it. Last night, we headed out for some delish tor-till-as, and some sour cream enchiladas. They weren't my favorite El Fenix enchiladas, but I still enjoyed them.

Now, one thing that has haunted me since I turned the big 3-0 is indigestion and heartburn. It's a relatively new development, and one that is easily curbed by a few Tums kept by my bed. When it was getting late last night, and I was still "tasting" my enchiladas as I burped here and there (very ladylike, of course), The Aunt hooked me up with some Tums, and I went to bed, not feeling up to par, but not alarmed.

An hour later, I woke up still feeling bad. I guzzled drank some water, and attempted to find something a little stronger for the heartburn. No luck. Headed back to bed. Fell asleep for another half hour, before I got up to go to the bathroom and all hell broke loose in my stomach, in which I threw up all of my enchiladas and then probably some one else's enchiladas and such.

Lord. Have. Mercy.

I then moved to the couch, and spent the rest of the night alternating between sleeping there for an hour and going to the bathroom incessantly. Though nothing else came "up" (what else was there?), I still spent a lot of quality bonding time with the porcelain throne. (Thus the aforementioned warning about poo.)

After the enchilada-removal, I immediately headed to the fridge where I'd spotted some ginger ale (aka nectar of the gods) that was left over from Kells Bells' stomach bug a week back. So, as I was drinking some ale, which was clearly on my no-Lent list of soda, I was thinking about how Jesus would have been fine with it because I was so sick.

I also started thinking about how my throat and chest hurt so bad from the enchilada-removal, and how I was shaking as I was dealing with the illness and pain, and thought... wait a minute... this sounds familiar.

(Tomorrow we'll talk about how fun it is to be suffering from the stomach flu and drive five hours from Lubbock to your apartment). Two words: awe. some.

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