Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Favorites

TV I'm loving this month- 
- Breakout Kings- new show from A & E. It's like White Collar, only smarter and better. A & E's shows usually are. Every time they launch a new show, I give it a shot based on principle.
- Reckless and Mr. Incredible are the same way about amc, so I checked out The Walking Dead per their suggestion and I went in to iTunes to download the one episode I missed.
- One Born Every Minute- a birthing reality show like no other on Lifetime. The BFF insisted that I watch it, and after she asked me twice, I had to make time to find it. And then I texted her about how I am now addicted to the show. Awesome and hilarious? Yes, please. 
- Being Human- a weird, wild show on SyFy. It's based off of a British show, which would immediately knock The Aunt out of  viewing if the fact that it's about a vampire, ghost, and werewolf didn't do it first. I've watched the original on BBCA, and I just like our American version better. And I love Josh, even if he is a werewolf. 

Um, it appears that I'm watching an awful lot of television this month. Hmmm... 

I saw THESE and I couldn't help but want a pair IMMEDIATELY IF NOT FIVE MINUTES AGO. Sorry for yelling, but if you saw these, you'd yell too!
(Link was broken, see picture for fabric-covered Toms that make my heart sing for joy).

Link Love:
Undeniable Adult Truths. A post from one of my sorority sisters who has the unfortunate luck to be stationed in Hawaii with her Navy husband.

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  1. Such a tease! That link doesn't work!



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