Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Tees I would actually wear....

Yesterday, when we had to give THE TEST, we all wore one certain tee shirt, that we were given at the beginning of the year.

Except me.
Because at the beginning of the year, I wasn't given the tee. It was left on my desk.
No one told me that we'd be wearing it six months later.
So took it home.
(Well, actually, I took it home about three months later.)
(Well, I took it to my car three months later, and then took it in the house about two months after that.)

And then I threw it in the goodwill pile. And took it to goodwill. Because the shirt was that ugly.

And then we got the email yesterday that the entire school would wear that shirt tomorrow.
The shirt that I took to Goodwill.
My bad.

I went into the front office this morning, faked ignorance, and grabbed another one. So now I'm wearing the second ugly shirt that I was given. Did I mention it's ugly?

While I was staring at children for eleventy-million hours today, I remembered I should go to cafepress and check out their shirts.

While they didn't have any TAKS specific shirts, I did find a bunch of shirts I would actually wear:

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  1. cracking up at those shirts. i may need the one that says "I like big books..."



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