Sunday, March 13, 2011

That's my knuckle-puck. It's hard to be accurate but it drives goalies crazy!

In an effort to preserve my record as the most inappropriately dressed person anywhere, I decided to expand out of funerals and wedding showers and go to a hockey game.

Several of my students play hockey, and one was playing in the championship game this weekend. I refrained from going to the 6:15am game (are you kidding me?) and headed to the 12:30 game. Which for some reason, started at 12:20. So I got there at 12:25 and was five minutes late. Odd.

I walked into the wrong rink at first, and found myself watching a teenage boys hockey game, that was all sorts of violent and loud. I quickly exited the place, and found the Squirt league play, which turned out to be equally violent and loud.

I wore a tank top with a cardigan over it, because that's my style lately (I know...boring), and as soon as I walked in I wondered to myself why I wore it when I knew I was going to an ICE hockey game. I. was. freezing. Luckily, I noticed other women there huddled up in blankets, so on one of the breaks I ran out to the car and got a blanket out.

I then proceeded to spend the remainder of the game jumping and startling every 37.4 seconds, as I discovered that hockey fans of any gender are the louder and more obnoxious of any group of fans, even in the pee wee leagues.

For example, as they don't have bleachers to watch the game, all of the spectators just stand around the ice, watching from behind the plexiglass. Which they beat on incessantly. And I jump every time they do.

They are also allowed to bring air horns and blow them whenever they want, which is what the man next to me did and scared the bejesus out of me every time he did. Awesome.

All in all, I thought it was super spectacular fun, and I got to watch my little goblin play some mean hockey. I later found out it was one of the rougher games, which didn't surprise me, and that despite my goblin's small and scrappy stature, he is actually a good player.

I could have told you that before I even got there five minutes early late.

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