Friday, April 22, 2011


Hi! Remember me?

My name's Jen, and I used to be a blogger.
Then I found out I was going to Rome.And spent a whole week buying books on Rome and reading websites on Rome, and doing nothing else but thinking about and dreaming about Rome.

And then reality hit and I had a yearbook deadline and papers to grade and other non-Rome related things to do. So, I was grounded.

Grounded from Rome.
Grounded from tv. (My dvr is now bursting at the seams).
Grounded from life until this yearbook was done.

I stayed up until past midnight on both Monday and Tuesday nights. Which means that on Wednesday I was the poster child for the homeschool movement. Meaning, if your child was in my class, they may have come home begging to be homeschooled because their typically-fun and loving teacher was all sorts of grumpy and sleepy and a few other dwarfs.

But yesterday, I clicked publish on the last of the pages. And graded all sorts of papers and got a few things done here and there in the classroom. And I am now free.

FREE! I can be a blogger again! I can be a person again!

And I can talk about Rome again! Yay Roma!

That is, after I clean the apartment I've also neglected due to papers and yearbooks and ROME!

Sorry for the absence, and I'll try to be a better blogger now that I'm ungrounded. 

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