Friday, April 08, 2011

Things were looking up for the day, but then the mime showed up.

omg, y'all, I wish you were with me at the Albertson's to see this girl that was walking around. She looked like a hobo, and her hair was all piled in a weird bun on the top of her head. Her tee shirt didn't match her yoga pants (like she does yoga. sure), and the flip-flops certainly didn't match. And she was putting the weirdest things in her basket. You should have seen the weird girl.

Oh, wait.
It was me.

Y'all. Today was the craziest day in which I had to text the BFF in the middle of the morning. And I might have used a curse word, but you can't prove anything. Unless you pull my text report, in which case you can.

Moving on.

Friday morning is my duty morning, meaning I have to stand outside and greet the kids as they get out of their cars. School starts at 7:40, and our state champion high school basketball team was coming at 7:30 to greet kids. No big deal. That gave them ten minutes to impress the kids in the cafeteria and then school will start and everyone will go on their merry way.

Except, at our school, it's very common for events like this to be attempted with absolutely no organization whatsoever. Like this morning. When the boys showed up at 7:40 am and the office announced that anyone that wanted to see them should head down to the (already packed to capacity) cafeteria.

I wasn't in my classroom when this announcement went down, but I was oh-so-glad that the announcement set me up to be the bad guy in telling my kids that they couldn't go down to the cafeteria, etc. To give them credit, not one kid left the room. Apparently they were a smidge afraid of my wrath, should they leave my room without permission. With good reason.

But it didn't stop there. No way. All the rest of the fourth grade teachers and some of the third grade teachers and all of the fifth grade teachers took their kids down to the cafeteria. Leaving me to be the only teacher not to take their kids down. So of course, I loaded up my goblins and got them quiet and in line for whatever clown show was happening.

By this time, the basketball players were standing in the hallway and the children were rushing at them and having them autograph their arms (obviously I was not in charge of these children or this would NOT have happened), and there was so much noise that a class of kindergarteners were holding their hands over their ears because it was too loud.

But not my class. We waited patiently in line, and just before it was our turn to go see the boys, the principal came and told us to turn around and go back to class. My class, that behaved perfectly and waited their turn was DENIED.

Let me tell you, that did not sit well with me no siree bob.

And all of that went down before 8am, people. 8am. At which point I got an email from a parent telling me she was bringing me lunch. Yay! Happiness! No more grumpiness!

Not so fast. We had an assembly after that, and guess what that assembly was? A mime.

You know: white-faced. Stuck in a box. A mime.
I spent the rest of the day putting imaginary duct tape over the boxes in which they all found themselves stuck.

And then I left school early to go to a baseball game. But that's another post entirely.

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