Thursday, April 07, 2011

Two things. Well, three.

Today, I overheard one of my students ask another what an accountant was.

To which I responded:
An accountant. According to the word, it must be a cross between a counter and a mutant and that may be precisely what we need.

They had no idea what movie that was from. Even the movie-quoter that stole my heart some time ago didn't know what it was from. I refused to tell them, but I know what our next reward movie will be. Do you?

I had a couple of my boys after school today. My job was to head home and hang with them for about an hour, and then take them to their respective baseball practices.

I got there, we watched sports center, set up a game of words with friends with the second grader who stole my heart and refused to give it back (who is now in sixth grade areyoukiddingme?) and his brother who is now in my class. 

There was wrestling, but we finally made it out the door with both boys and all of their baseball gear. I got one to his practice in town (though a good bit away), and then fought traffic to get the other one to his practice. (Two words: afternoon traffic).

The thing is, I know lots of parents hate this part of life. But I don't get to have the pleasure of it ever, and I cherish every minute of it. I love love love time with "the boys" or weekends with "the girls". It's the small moments that I'm pretty sure the parents take a little bit for granted. Not me.

The Mom and I do watch a couple of the same shows. Once she and I texted about a show, sharing lines. Now. Little Wonders and I do this often, as do JamieJo. The Aunt and I do it on a daily basis. But The Mom, it's only been once.

Until today. We both watch the best television show ever, and it was a new episode tonight. We didn't even discuss the new episode, so when I got her text, I was a little confused. I even checked my sent messages to find out what would prompt my mother to text me. I replied to the text with "I'm so confused about what you just texted me." and she replied that it was a quote from the show. That I had dvr'ed and not watched yet.

So, imagine my confusion when I get a text from my mother that says:

"shut ur @$$"

It was funny on the show, but not nearly as funny as it was in the random text from my mother. 

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