Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In which I discuss high school students, show some very angry birds who's the boss of them, and declare my love for The Google

First and foremost, if THIS comes true, I'm going to be pretty pissed off. Although, according to this it might work out for me.

Second of all, I am sitting in my favoritest linen pants, eating maple pecan chicken, and I don't have to get up until 6:30 tomorrow morning. My heart cannot bear the joy of it.

So, I need to be grading papers, but I'm not. I'm a smidge Rome-obsessed. I'm almost completely packed, at the cost of my other laundry and my bank account, as I seem to want almost all new things for the journey.

I am trying to get my house spotless so that when I come home from Rome I can have a sort of a sanctuary to greet me. I am going nowhere on this task.

When I check weather.com now, our departure date is in the 10 day forecast, and I might just flip a gasket every time I check it. Which is every five minutes...

In some weird, freakish turn of events, my iTunes re-added all of my songs into my library. So I now have between two and four of every.single.song I have in there. Which is well into the thousands. Yeesh. The time it's going to take me to fix that. (Especially since there are four copies of "Who let the dogs out?")

I now lurve Google more.than.ever. I googled "how to delete the seventy bazillionty million duplicate songs in iTunes" (more or less in those terms) and it showed me how to do it in about three clicks. Google, I heart you. Be my facebook friend. (I also discovered that I had 5338 duplicated items. I am not exaggerating at that number. Seriously. Not exaggerating. 2276 were duplicated on the same day.) My recycle bin is mad at me, but I did free up 11G of space on my hard drive.

I accidentally bought a song from a video game while trying to buy something else of the same name, and I'll have to admit, it's kinda cool.

Since I got home four hours ago, I have not even taken the work to be graded out of my book bag, much less looked at it and graded it. I have watched Glee, Bones (which made me tear up), and the end of The Mentalist.)

The other night (okay, last night), I got three stars on Angry Birds Halloween, meaning that I have three stars on every season of Angry Birds seasons. I'm not addicted. I'm merely a problem-solver. Yeah. That's totally it.

I love me some Glee, but I do spend quite a bit of time with high schoolers, and I promise you they are not as witty or intelligent sounding as they are portrayed in the movies or on television. They are wonderful, don't get me wrong, but they are not the lyrical gangsters they are made out to be. 

It is thundering and pouring rain now, and that is my cue to say goodnight.

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  1. any copy of "Who let the dogs out" is too much. i think i have it, too. i know i have it on a disney disc.



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