Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Blame it on my pockets

Quote of the day, as said to PandaMom following a conversation she thought was whispered:
"You are the wife of a man who is hard of hearing. You're not as quiet as you think you are."
I may have followed it with an "O'Doyle rules" and I definitely followed that with a high five from Little Wonders.

I made it through a whole day wearing a white shirt, and didn't spill anything on it. I should get some sort of award for that as it has never.happened.before.

I discovered a goupon that expires on Wednesday of next week, and I'm trying very hard to throw together a photo book reeeeaaalll fast.

I'm trying to write a recommendation for someone I know to go on a mission trip. I believe in what she's doing, and I don't have a problem with giving the recommendation. It's just writing the recommendation. Because she emailed it to me with an email that started with "hey girl" and ended with "thanks, hun." I'm SO not that person. She's 25ish and she emails with text language like LOL, and one time, at the copier, she called me "Boo." I don't know if she realizes that I'm not a rap star, nor am I a rap star's wife. Or that I prefer the term "Shorty" to "Boo".

It's been a rainy, stormy day, which has been delicious for me. I was in a meeting all day, and had a relaxing, calm day. Don't worry, though. I have had multiple opportunities to make a fool of myself, and I took every single one. Two involving The Walmarks.

I heart Modern Family. That is all.

Somehow, in the middle of writing this post, it disappeared. As in, the tab I was typing it in disappeared.  Hmmm.

Lately I have become the champion pocket dialer of the world, at times even being able to pocket dial you and while you're answering it, pocket dialing you on call waiting. I'm that good. But guess what I did today? Managed to somehow block that's called me in the last, oh....say month? And I can't figure out how to unblock them. Awesome.

This is apparently the only way I can really blog. I can't sit down long enough to type out a full story or anything remotely close to that. So I keep my bloggy open as I'm looking up other stuff, and then when a memory from today or something want to write about comes to mind, I head on over and write it down.

My dog is sacked out on the couch. Because apparently sleeping all day is exhausting.

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