Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Under my umbrella-ella-ella eh, eh, eh...

We're a little more relaxed now that long division is over and we only have 18 days of school left. We're doing a fun math graph, and so I put on a little music. The Glee kids sang us some ABBA and covered some Bruno, and we're all singing along quietly. And then my D has this conversation with me:
him: "Miss O, who sings this?"
me: "Well, Rhianna sings the song, but this is a cover by someone else."
him: "Why don't we just let her sing it?"

Oh snap. He's basically only allowed to say that to me based on this conversation we also had today when he lost one of my novels:
him: "um, what would happen if I lost one of those reading books?"
me: "you'd fail fourth grade and probably fifth grade too. Possibly even sixth."
him: "seriously."
me: "you'd just have to pay for it."
him: "how much?"
me: "$75-$80...hundred dollars."
him: "seriously."
me: "I am serious. Those pages are made out of unicorn hair."
Yeah, that's what it's like when I'm the boss.

We're also at the point in the year where my fourth graders are starting to be like fifth graders. That means that the boys are starting to notice that there are girls in the classroom, and the girls are starting to notice that there are boys in the classroom. We're not into the heavy duty hormonal stuff yet. They're just at that sweet stage where they are kind of trying to impress each other. One boy gives a girl three goldfish on her desk because he knows she likes goldfish. Another boy asks another girl if she would like the cupcake with the purple stick or the blue stick. Which was particularly hysterical because he is color blind.

Also, a screw came out of one of the desks, and I almost died laughing at the three boys it took to screw it back in. Yeah, life is pretty sweet in my room right now.

In case you missed it, I'm going to Rome the day after tomorrow. I shouldn't publicize that I'm going to be out of my apartment, but I have nothing of real value (that I'm not taking with me), and it takes about three people to lift my television set, so good luck with that.

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  1. can't wait to hear about all your adventures in Rome.

    the unicorn hair comment. :) you rock!



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