Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Babies are cool... until you've done everything there's to do with them, then you get bored. That's why TV shows about babies never last more than a year.

I love Raising Hope. It's a new series, and I want it to stay around. 

Today was day two of VBS, and I came home and napped like.a.champ. So much so that I woke up a little disoriented and Daisy had to come check on me. Actually, this is mostly what she does every time I take a nap. She gets right in my face and annoys me into waking up. I took this from my cell phone, (thus the quality) and held it at eye level, just so you could get a little perspective.

This led me to pull several of the pics I have on my cell of Daisy that document our daily life. And put them here. Because I know that inquiring minds want to know.

And my brain is all but fried for everything else. And mostly, I just want to have these documented and off my cell phone.

This is what I have to deal with at every meal. She sits under the table and gives me the eyes. She's saying "hey. Listen. We both know you drop stuff. So why don't you drop something good for me to eat?" She's learned not to beg or she gets nothing, but she's gotten really good at the stare down.

This is what happens every day while I am in the shower. She wakes up briefly when my alarm goes off, looks back at me, and then snuggles into my spot. Eventually, I have to get her up to make the bed (which I do every day obsessively) and get her to take care of her morning business.

I get ready, and then head out the door. If she's not gone back to bed, I get her and put her back on the bed. That's her cue that I'm leaving. I used to crate her, and then she learned how to break out, so now she's sent to my bedroom to ride out the wait for me to leave.

When I come home and set up shop on my couch, to do work or watch tv, this is where she camps out.

And snores.

So loud that I have to turn up the television or nudge her. Repeatedly.

When we take naps, she snuggles up at my feet, and rests her head on my leg. At that point, I have no choice but to nap because I can't move her.

Until she starts snoring.

Oh, and this is the look I get when she is OVER me taking pictures.

Which is often.

Finally, this is how she goes to sleep at night. she lays on her back while I'm playing on my iTouch or reading.

And her little chicken legs and arms stick out. It's pretty cute.

But don't be fooled. Let me leave you with one more picture, lest you wrongly think she's too precious.

This picture?

Before this picture was taken...

Before I got up to go change clothes...

There was half a piece of pizza on this plate. She's not too cute.

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