Thursday, June 02, 2011

It's time for school to be done, and other randoms.

How do I know it's time for school to be out?
Today I had to say "B! Stop rubbing your backside all over A's desk."

Time to be done.

In other randoms:

- I ran to The Target to get a prescription and ended up having to spend the requisite $40 (the prescription was $4). Of the things I got, a cardigan and a tank top were both in my little bitty basket. I have a whole section of my closet devoted to cardigans, and an entire box filled up with the tank tops. I seriously need a tank top intervention. But it is summer in Texas, and that says enough about my tank top hoarding.

- Also in my cart was a spray can of Glade. See, we've got a problem in my hall at school:
There is one adult bathroom shared by about twenty women, plus or minus any other adult that happens to need to use the facility when in the vicinity. The problem: sometimes someone does what we call a "big girl", and leaves the bathroom a smidge stinky. My girls and I are very good about being honest about what's going on in there. "You go first, I'll be a while" or "Don't go in there for a little while" are often comments from the girls and I in consideration of what's going on in there.Today's problem? We ran out of spray , and someone thought they were being helpful by bringing in their bottle of Estee Lauder's Youth Dew. And spraying it profusely in an attempt to cover the poo smell. So, as soon as you even walk by the bathroom, you start tasting the Youth Dew, and then as you enter the bathroom, you can both taste and smell the Youth Dew, combined with the smell of poo that is, in fact, NOT covered up by the smell of Youth Dew. Lord help us.

- Tuesday night, I was a little tired, so I lay down on the couch to watch a show. At 6:15 I fell asleep, and woke up at 8:00. At which point I went straight to bed and did not get up until 6:00 am the next morning.

- Last night was different. I was tired, but could not go to bed at 6pm two nights in a row, so I soldiered through and hit the pillow around 10ish. At 1ish, someone who is not me woke someone who is me up licking the walls. Her allergies or tummy were bothering her, which happens every so often, and typically when she starts this behavior it ends with her vomiting. This incident was no exception. Cleaning up dog vomit at one in the morning is super fun.

- I have the news on in the background as I'm writing this, and the principal of our local high school is on it raising funds for the Joplin tornado victims. Weird. I've met this man, and he's really cool, but it's still odd to see him on television.

- I missed my dinner crew last night. I keep meaning to write about Wednesday night dinners and never get to it. We're off for the summer, and while I no longer need to value-size my french fries, I still had my CFA last night. I tossed Daisy a chicken nugget, and I'm not really sure how she did it, but hurt herself retrieving it and yelped out loud. This dog is a hot mess.

- The big project of the year came out without a hitch. My yearbooks were delivered, and there was only one email thinking they ordered a book and didn't. There were no angry complaints about the mistakes I made. So I'm basically waiting for the plague of locusts that is about to befall us. Any day now.

- I'm trying to put together my Roma photobook, and I'm mid-day two and on page 20-something. And I'm getting nothing else in my life accomplished.

- Oh, and I fixed the autoplay on the video on my May favorites post. I didn't realize it had that, and I hate it. So I took it off.

You're welcome.

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