Sunday, June 12, 2011

No, Roland... I crashed my van into Jesus! Okay? I have a pimple the size of Jupiter! I am NOT okay!

I have started five different blog posts in an attempt to get back to blogging.

- In one, I talked about how VH1 has been going a little old school with their morning videos, as they played a Jane's Addiction beauty from my high school years.
- In another, I lamented about how hot it already is in Texas. (How original.)
- In another, I wrote down all the books that I've read since I got my kindle. Then I remembered that I'm on Goodreads, and didn't need a blog post to do that. I titled it very well, if it's any consolation, and it turns out I've read 15 books since Christmas.
- Another is my June favorites post, and I have already found a couple of good little linkies for you.
- The final one is a more serious post, which is where my mind has been lately, but I'll wait a little on that.

Life has been difficult here where the wild and precious things are. Since coming back from Rome, things have been hectic and crazy and very transitional here. I don't always do well with the transitional thing.We almost had a Steel Magnolias moment in which I had a small meltdown in the chair at the beauty salon. And it was not over my hair.

Even better, I've been having a recurring dream, in which I'm driving, and I accidentally hit another car with my car. Sometimes I can't stop the brakes, and end up hitting the other car, and sometimes I just turn wrong and hit them. I never cause major damage, and no one is hurt. Sometimes we exchange information, sometimes it so minor that no one cares.

Even though I'm not into the whole "dream interpretation" thing, I looked it up on line. It says that car crash dreams mean your life is out of control or you don't like the way it's going. Can I get a big duh?(By the way, while I was typing this, the Mavs won the National Championship, and therefore I totally forgot what else I was going to write, but I'm pretty sure it was going to be both witty and profound.)

Despite the title, I AM okay. And, at least in my dreams it has NOT been Jesus that I crashed my car into. After the next two days, in which I cross something off my summer list by taking a road trip to East Texas to attend a funeral for my uncle (see meltdown above), I'll be back into a regular schedule.

And I'll feel much better.

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