Thursday, June 30, 2011

A List Because It's Thursday

Um, this is an entire post that I wrote (in 2008) and didn't post. No idea why. But here it is for you because I have nothing original to say since it's VBS and I spend most afternoons napping and then staring mindlessly at the television. Or working out. Yeah, that's it. Working out...

Here's the post from 2008:

I'm watching a movie (because that's all I do nowadays), and it's got one of my all-time favorite movie kisses in it. And, because my summertime boss and I were talking about movies today and he mentioned that his wife's favorite movie has the perfect kiss in it, I thought I'd make a list of great movie kisses. Now, mind you, these are movies I've seen and loved, so these are really just my favorite movie kisses, but here's the list, in no particular order:

1. Where the Heart Is- when Forney says "there's nothing better than you" and kisses her. Mmmm.

2. A Lot Like Love- the NYE party when the clock strikes midnight and she's staring at her ex and he comes from across the room and grabs her and kisses her.

3. Serendipity- Boss' wife is right...a great movie kiss

4. 10 Things I Hate About You- playing around in the paintball court and grass- kisses should be surprising and fun like that

5. 50 First Dates- "Nothing beats a first kiss"

6. Saved- love love love this movie and Patrick Fugit is adorable...and their little outside of the limo kiss...

7. Love Actually- many different options to choose from here...particularly like Colin Firth's kiss in the end

8. Penelope- when he discovers it's her and he rushes up and kisses her.

9. With Honors- Monte and Courtney... she says "What are you doing?" he says "Ending the friendship." I say "Have mercy..."

10. And, my all-time-favorie movie: "Say Anything" When they're in the park and it's misting and they're kissing...swoon....

And one non-movie kiss I just seriously swoon over: Jim and Pam, end of season 2. Mmmm.

Of course, as I'm making this list, I am thinking of all of the almost-kisses in the movies I love, and could (and may) someday make a list of those as well...

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