Friday, July 01, 2011

Top Five Friday

So, I read this blog called Annie Blogs (which is totes fab) and she does a Top Five Friday. Sometimes I participate, like when we talk about movies and books and music we love.

This week, I stumbled upon a gem of a movie that I've now watched twice and it has skyrocketed up to the list of my favorite movies. Only, like several of my favorite movies, few people have ever heard of it. So, today's list is my top five favorite movies that few people have ever seen or even heard about.

I've even included the trailers for you. You're welcome.

Here are five movies you need to see because they are simply wonderful.

1. My Sassy Girl.
There is something so haunting and beautiful about how broken the girl is and how much he does for her.
And there's an element of Persuasion to it that I didn't see coming until it happened, and that doesn't usually happen.

2. Stardust
There's something so whimsical about this movie that it captivates me every time.
And Robert deNiro does play a gay space pirate, so there's that as well.

3. Waitress
Nathan Fillion and Kerri Russell. Southern sweetness. Love it.

4. Sliding Doors.
Gweneth Paltrow when she was British in a movie that makes me want to marry John Hannah.
And the trailer is very 1998. You're welcome again.

5. Elvis and Anabelle. 
This movie is so beautiful. You can feel them falling in love. Sigh. I get butterflies in my own stomach as they are kissing.

What are your favorite movies that you think no one's ever heard of?

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous5:41 PM CDT

    Sliding doors, fantastic movie!!!
    Waitress, love both if them! Unique plotline!
    I was forced to watch "the Dish" by my sister. Check it out, not top 5 but a view I hadn't heard before on a major US event.
    - your pcq ( bored in England)



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