Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's been a long, hard day, full of emotional turmoil and dinosaur fights.

Oh y'all.
There is a big bottle of vodka spa day and a pedicure in my future.

I'm pretty sure God woke up this morning, pointed at me, elbowed Jesus in the ribs and said "Watch this. It is going to be soooo funny!"

With all of that talk of twitching and stabbing and throat punching yesterday, I was still the most genteel of ladies, only muttering the curse words under my breath and conveying a delightful persona as any good Southern little girl would do.


Today I looked at my big brother here at the school and said "Listen here buddy, if you snap your fingers at me one more time I will punch you in the throat." And because he's my big brother here at the school, he snapped his fingers at me again and I stuck my tongue out at him and possibly showed him that he was #1 in my eyes.

I came in this morning and was blindsided with the news that instead of working in my classroom, as I needed to be doing, I would be teaching my teammates about our new technology. You know- the teammates that are using all of my ideas and asking me to send them the files and so forth.

So I spent the morning showing them how to use the smart boards. One of the team members has ADHD, and kept interrupting the conversations with things like "How are you going to change the dates on your calendar?" and other questions that have nothing to do with the presentation. And little miss 25 years old kept trying to correct me and tell me why she thought it was stupid that it wouldn't do this and this and this.

And since I spent over three hours on things that have no bearing on my classroom whatsoever, it is now 6pm and I am still at school. Fo sho. I'm going to pick up my dog and get the hell out of dodge.

Tomorrow is a planning day, so I have made it known that I will be shutting my door and I am NOT to be bothered. At. All.

We'll see how that goes.

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  1. Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti



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