Friday, August 12, 2011

Things I wish she could understand

I've got some pictures of Crazy Daisy from the old phone, so I thought I'd share them with you . I am also in possession of a virus, leading to a craptacularly hacking cough resembling a 70 year old pack a day smoker. It also hurts my chest and my head (because I don't normally cough), and so when I do have a coughing fit, I have to clutch my chest with one hand and my head with the other.
And when this happens, Crazy Daisy goes all "danger! danger!" and scurries around and hides.

It's the same with the hiccups. And the occasional sneeze.

I just wish she could understand that I'm not going to die just because I'm coughing. Though I feel like I possibly might. 

There are a few other things I wish she could understand.

One of these things is that two bodies cannot successfully occupy the same space at the same time. 

This is one of those things that I wish she would understand in the middle of the night. As she is trying very hard to push me out of my select spot on the bed. While I am asleep. She thinks she deserves the warm spot by the pillow. She is sorely mistaken.

I also wish that she would understand that anytime before 6am is not an appropriate time to eat breakfast, making tons of noise in our otherwise silent apartment.  And especially not an appropriate time to ask for water or more food. If I am in bed sound asleep, she needs to understand she's not going to be met with a warm reception.

Other miscellaneous things for her to understand...
 ...what the term "just a second" means. She always chooses the worst .possible. moments to need to go out or have food or water. Like when I've stepped out of the shower and I'm eating my cereal on the couch. In my towel. And when I'm going to the bathroom and she demands water immediately. And I can't exactly get up from what I'm doing.

... the water in the bathtub is not as delightful as you seem to think it is, and I can't imagine that it is better than the water in your dish. If she's up when I get out of the shower, she jumps right in and drinks some of the water. Some dogs drink from the toilet, mine drinks from the shower. She's much more sophisticated like that.

...turning your head away from me will not make me stop taking the picture. It will only make me take the picture and laugh harder at you. (This actually applies to humans as well.)

One last thing for her to understand: getting up on my coffee table and giving me the what-for because you want a treat will get you anything but a treat

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