Monday, September 12, 2011

And she was...

I was going to write about my adventures at the derby this weekend. {Roller, not Kentucky}. All day long I've been putting the post together in my head, plotting as to how to get the pictures off my cell phone. The day was going swimmingly along, quite pleasantly, until about 2pm, in which things came to a screeching halt.

On the way home, I ran by the store to get chicken to cook for dinner. I came home with a frozen pizza, frozen meal for lunch tomorrow, cheese for snacks at school, and chocolate chunk pecan cookie dough. And I needed it, I tell you.

I had to come up with a complete technology lesson, and now I have one measly little stack of papers to grade, and I've promised myself a glass of wine and perhaps some cookie dough if I can get them done.

So the tales of the derby {Roller, not Kentucky} will have to wait. Until possibly Wednesday. Because tomorrow is Text Message Tuesday. And those pictures are already on the computer.

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