Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Text Message Tuesday: Kells Bells Edition

I've been slow in the blogging process lately. Sorry about that.

It's not that there aren't any goings on where the wild and precious things are, but I don't find myself with a whole blog post to write about it.

So instead, I'm going to start sharing some texts that I send and receive throughout the week.

Names and identifying details have been edited out to protect the hilarious. Or not.

This week, I bring you the series of text message exchanges between myself and Kells Bells. One of her friends' mother had to come to the Plex for some convention or other, and brought her daughter, Kells Bells, and one other friend.

Since I never pass up the chance to be with my Kells Bells, I picked up her and her friends and we spent a Saturday afternoon together.

This is what ensued:
After I made it clear in no uncertain terms that we would not be going to Build a Bear, they tried for a magical lunch venue:

In reality, I already had a rather fun plan for the girls and lunch, thanks to a friend of mine. We ended up here instead. They were quite excited in the long run.

And when we were finished there, I had to run to The Target.

Where I had this text message exchange.

But where did we end up after that?

Yeah, I caved. After much discussion and hemming and hawing, we ended up at the Build a Bear.

 I drove the girls back to their hotel, and headed home. Turns out the next day, I'd be driving myself right back, only this time, I was headed across the street from The Target.

There was movement on the play.

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