Wednesday, September 07, 2011

An extra message and a list

Here's the text message between me and the BFF that happened the very day after the exchange with Kells Bells:

She was scheduled to have the bebe on Thursday, but had it a few days earlier (which was much more convenient for me to be honest.)

I went to the hospital four hours after he was born, just like I did with his big brother. I got him a onesie that said "brand new" because I couldn't help myself.

And then I went the next day.

And then I went to their house to have some celebratory CFA with her and the big brother, who still has me wrapped around his pinky finger.

There were more onesies to bring because, again, I couldn't help myself.

As for the you go:

Five things I (may or may not have) said today:
1. "Listen, if I was playing kickball, I'd wipe the court with you. But I simply made the wrong footwear choice this morning."
2. "Who sings that song on the radio?" kid: "I dunno." me: "Well it certainly isn't you, so stop."
3. "Save the drama fo yo mamma."
4. kid- "Says who?" me: "Says me, and I'm the one in charge of how much recess you do or do not get."
5. "Do not make me take that candy out of your mouth."

And finally, one extra because it's Wednesday:
"I will tell you this one time only. You do not roll your eyes at me like that. You've been warned."

And now, because it's 7:38pm, I am going to bed. Yes, I know the sun hasn't even gone to bed yet, but I'm not letting that stop me.

Don't roll your eyes at me like that.

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