Sunday, October 02, 2011

Guest Posters: The Wild and Precious Things

As part of the computer class, the kids had to learn how to use their school email. The computer teacher had them send me emails. Friday, I came back from my conference to find 20 emails. And they.are.hilarious.

A little back story:
Friday was a c.r.a.z.y day. We had a math test and a reward movie on the agenda. When we have a reward movie, I don't tell them what it is ahead of time, mostly so they won't spend the day whining about it if they don't like it. We were watching it at 11, so I told them that we'd talk about it at 11, but I'd choose the movie while they were in computer. So, most of them took the opportunity to badger me about the movie through email.

Apparently, the computer teacher also taught them about changing fonts, changing font colors, and changing background colors. I hope I can get it to transfer onto the blog.

And I did not change the spelling in any way. Which is kind of obvious.

For your enjoyment:
Dear Mrs. O,

   We are sending you a test email and hopfuly this one will get to you.I have been trying to get my email to work and remember our password and email address All of us will be so happy to see you every day . Somtimes people do not like school but you make it fun

Dear Miss O,
what movie did you pick?When are  we taking the math test?

And this guy? He keeps it simple:
This next one requires some translation:
 you are the best teacher in the world. and the nices teacher ive ever had and will have. hofely it gets threw the sictem
The last line says "Hopefully it gets through the system."
We've got some work to do, he and I.

Dear Mrs.O,
I love all the fun things we have been doing.I`m exsited for the moive.What are we watching?I`m exsited to see the new things we will be lrening
love M,
I didn't edit this one. They didn't finish my last name or sign their own. But they attempted the turquoise and tangerine, which gets them bonus points in my book. 
 Hi Ms. Owen,
We are just testing out our e-mail adress and we are hoping that it works. I hope you have a great weekend  and I will be glad to see you on Monday. You are the best teacher ever!!

From your student,
Dear Miss O,
    Are we taking the math test before the movie or after? What movie did you pick?I enjoy e-mail.

This one had fun with fonts and large spacing:

We are doing a test in the computer lab to see if it is wroking and how am i doing in school.


Dear Miss O,
Hi Ms.Owen you are awesome.I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad i got you as a teacher and that i can email u!!!! My favorite subject with you is all but math. Your the best!!!!

Dear Miss O

This is your student G. We are sending you a practice e-mail to see if our e-mail works. You are the best teacher ever. tou have already taught me so much already.


Dear Miss O
What movie are we watching?   Have you chosen it?
**We had some issues prior to Computer class:
Dear,Miss O
I'm loving the first 6 weeks well no I'm no because J said"just give my money" and I think that was kind of mean because he just keeped on saying It so now I'm going to not evan say anything because he was trying to pick on me.So I think you should tell him when he says something he should keep his promess.


This one always has an angle...
 Dear mrs. O
       hi we finaly got our e mail acount! But I dont want to do the test instead watch the movie when we get back. Is it going to be hard? I hope not! can it wait until Monday please? Well its better than the taks test.

And then this one. He found the font color and size to be exciting:
dear,miss O

What movie are we waching?

from, L

Dear Miss O,

Hi Miss O I think you are the best teacher in fourth grade. When are we going to have our math test in class? Have a great weekend!!

Your Student,
   R    L 

Ms.O ,

   This is just a test to make sure that the e-mail works and that it goes through I hope the rest of your day is as good as it it now I was also going to tell you that you are the best teacher ever !

Dear Miss O

Hi Miss O when is our social studie and math test.

your student

Dear Ms.O,
Hi its L and this is a test so I don't know what to say. But hi and...  Oh ya this a test e-mail so umm BYE!!!
ok I'm done here see ya in the classroom!!!

Your student,

I had to work really hard to read the first line of this next one.

Hi mrs o I am exided for dowing are test!I studey last night i am sure that i am gowing to get a 100 on it!AND i think that we are gowing to get a complen from being good!
And there you have it.
The Wild and Precious Things speak.
God bless us all.

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