Friday, September 30, 2011

September Favorites

A new website for you to lol at.  It is called Bye Bye Pie, and while I thought it was amusing, when she wrote this line, I knew I would be a follower forever:
Mom, next time you're at TJ Maxx, which will probably be in the next 45 seconds, will you swing over to the potholder section?

Link Love:
- a new site I'm addicted to. To My Future Spouse. People write anonymous letters to their future husbands or wives. Yes, please.

Video love:
More Sesame Street fun. First, it was glee.
Now, it's True Mud (True Blood):

They also spoof CSI, Law and Order, and Grey's Anatomy. And no, I did not watch a bunch of Sesame Street videos on a Saturday night because I got sucked into their You Tube channel!

Yes, Josh Sundquist, we should hang out...

You Tube Video:
A little staged, but pretty creative nonetheless

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