Friday, October 07, 2011

Halt; and remain calm! Well we've halted; how are we all doing on the calm front?

Last night, I wrote a long, drawn-out post, and I cried as I wrote it. I left it up so I could finish it today.

I deleted it instead.

I should know better than to blog while tired. Really, really tired. And overwhelmed.

I haven't posted this week. Not even a Text Message Tuesday. It's been a busy, hectic week.

I'm just going to bullet-point it for you.

* Monday was a long day, as evidenced by the last post. It was one.thing.after.another.

* Monday night, I went to see some of my WyldLife girls play volleyball. Both teams fought a valiant battle, but victory was not to be had. I understand that they are in middle school, but I'm pretty sure #37 for the other team was juicing. I just want to see a birth certificate. That's all.

* My boys have been hysterical this week. We had a bit of a lamp incident this week, where the lamp worked for just a second and then quit working. The boys stood around it and waved their arms saying "we believe" a la Angels in the Outfield. I couldn't tell them to sit down because I was laughing so much.

* I had my annual teaching observation on Wednesday. When I first started teaching, I would plan out the most fabulous, elaborate lessons, with four page lesson plans and bells and whistles. Ten years later, I poke my head in the office, say "I'm teaching math at 11:15. That good for you?", and teach whatever is on my plans for the day. But I do keep chocolates on the table I sit her at, because I'm a good teacher, but I'm. no. fool.

*We'd had such a busy week by yesterday, but we were making salt dough maps, so I put on some pop music, and just let them work on their projects. They shared, they sang, and we all just chilled the heck out. It was beautiful and so very needed. We all came out better for it.

* My kids have really made me laugh this week. It's been a really sweet time. Except for when Princess Pouty Pants thought that one of KC's boys was being rude to her and so she kneed him in the family jewels. That did not make me laugh.

*Tomorrow, Katybug and KellsBells are headed my way, and we are headed to Jerry's house to see T. Swift. I'm a little bit excited about it. Or, I will be when I get my apartment cleaned and presentable enough for three teenagers to stay the night in it. (Katybug is bringing a friend...Abs is coming with us.)

So I should probably clean house now.

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