Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011- in pictures

I'm still not up to writing a bunch just yet, but I have been taking pictures like a fool.

My phone with a lower case i in front of it is full of pictures.
Or was, until The Aunt ruthlessly stole them all from me.

Here is our Thanksgiving in pictures, with a few bullet points afterwards for good measure.
Cast of characters: Aunt, Uncle, KellsBells, Katybug, The Cotton family, Cousin Jess, and friend Tara. A full house.

Someone discovered the hamster in the house
She can't think about anything else but the hamster

Getting the ads ready for perusal
Elvis wanted breakfast so.badly.
Katybug slept in
Green Beans: my contribution

Food cooking
Friends gathering
Food ready to be eaten
Desserts waiting to be eaten
My plate. Delicious, but not very colorful
Girls waiting to eat

Daisy, worn out from begging for food.
Elvis needed a little nap too...
All the men in their tryptophan-induced comas

Thanksgiving Day Outing:
Old Navy. Got some cheap jeans, a pullover, some pj pants, and a blanket. Everyone else checked out, except me. Because choosing the wrong line in a store is my super power, I told my family to go on without me and tell Daisy that I love her. Or to come back at midnight to pick me up.

Most fun prank:
This one's a toss up. The Uncle was sleeping, so I tickled his nose with a feather, and he woke up swinging. Also, we discussed at length the little girls going with us to Old Navy, and when they were all outside talking on the trampoline, we sent a cousin outside to tell the girls that we went without them as we watched through the window. Priceless.

And, finally...
Even Elvis needed some pumpkin pie

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