Monday, November 28, 2011


I was going to blog about Black Friday from the back of the line, and about the small price I pay for sanity during the holidays (December Daily), or even show pictures of my Christmas decorations and how much hanging garland makes me use the queen mother curse word.

But I had to go back to work today.
And teach long division.

And if that's not blog fodder, then I just don't know what is.

I've decided that in the future, when we've been gone from school for a whole week, I'm going to start the return to school with recess. My kids were either extremely chatty or all but asleep today. And I had to teach Long Division.

We survived, though I did contemplate getting a restraining order against one of my little ones that asked me question. after question. after question. And then some more questions.

But we survived, and moved on to science. We talked about forces, and push and pull. We did an activity where I called up my students to the board and they had to put pictures into the category push or pull. There was one picture they couldn't identify. One of my boys went up to the board on his turn and asked me what it was.

Before I could remember that I teach fourth grade and that my class is boy heavy, I answered him:
"It's a nutcracker. You put your nuts in it and it squeeze it and it cracks your nuts for you."

And after that even I couldn't stop laughing.

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