Sunday, January 08, 2012


I've been told by more than one person in real life that I should start blogging again.

I keep meaning to... I really do. Instead, I busy myself with some other mindless task, like playing solitaire on my new Kindle Fire. (Y'all, look for me on a future episode of Intervention, because I. need. help.)

My newest toy, aside from the aforementioned Fire, is my new camera. It's all sorts of fancy, and today I will tell you the tale of how I up and bought an expensive, fancy camera. It was a bit of a frenzy, truth be told.

I have been saving up for a fancy pants camera since about last year when The Aunt got one. So, not knowing exactly which camera I wanted, I started squirreling away money. One day last week, I decided that it would be a good thing to do around March, when I turn 21 plus 14. But, it was not March. It was Tuesday.

When I made that decision I decided to price the camera I thought I wanted, and then see how much money I had in the bank. I asked The Aunt which camera she had, because I wanted that exact one. I wanted  her to teach me all of the tricks and such, and to know I was getting a good camera.

Found it on Amazon, along with the fixed lens I wanted as well, for exactly the amount I had saved (including some money I was being reimbursed). I was pretty psyched about it. Especially since the camera was a lot more at the Buy More.

So, on Thursday, I went to the bank, and withdrew a fair amount of money (which required nothing more than my signature...really?). I decided to go to Sam's to double check their prices, and lo and behold, I got to look at a newer camera. I decided to go home and research it.

I headed home and immediately put on my pajama bottoms, as is customary to do at my apartment any time past 5 pm. I pulled out the laptop and compared the prices. I watched youtube videos in which a guy out-nerded me by sitting in his house and videotaped himself discussing the pros and cons of two different cameras.He helped me pick out which camera I wanted: the Rebel t3. Not the t3i. That one is way more expensive.

Then, I clickity clicked on over to the Buy More website and discovered that they were selling it for almost $200 less than the dot com site and the Sam's club. I clicked some more, and discovered that they had it in stock! I didn't even have to order and have it shipped to my parents and wait! I could go right that very moment and pick it up and have it in my grubby little paws.

Which is exactly what I did. After I changed out of the pajama pants, of course. I drove right on over to that shopping center and found a parking spot right next to the door! I was in luck. I got out and hurried right in. I took one look around and realized

I was in the wrong store. I was in the office supply store next to the Buy More. Perhaps I got a little too excited.

In the end, I corrected the mistake, went to the right store, and bought the camera and all sorts of other accoutrements like a lens filter, a camera card, and a warranty plan because have you met me?

So I brought the camera home and have taken approximately 37 pictures of my dog, because what else do I have to take pictures of?

And in case you were wondering how long it would take me to lose the lens cap to the camera and have to resort to putting a glove on the lens to keep from damaging it, the answer is three days. Luckily, I found it and have since removed the glove.

Tomorrow I get the fancy fixed lens I ordered off the dot com and can take 37 more pictures of my dog. She's so excited.

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  1. If excited was how the dog looked in the pictures I have seen, then I doubt she is excited. Terrified? Maybe. But more likely annoyed.

    Yay! You are blogging. Now you should post pictures. :)




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