Tuesday, January 17, 2012

No MawMaw, I said a math question.

Things on my mind prior to writing tonight's post:

- I went to bed last night at 8:15pm and it...was...awesome. I really wish I could do it again tonight, but alas, I'm already up past that and still have a few things to do. 

- I would like for recipe writers and food packagers to pull themselves together. I needed 12 oz of cool whip. My choices were 8oz or 16oz. I either add four ounces or take it out. I needed 15 ounces of creme de coconut. The bottle was 21 ounces. It's the hot dogs/buns issue all over.

- Kelly Clarkson's song "Mr. Know It All" is haunting me right now. I am on a CD-listening kick, so I rarely hear the radio. When I do hear the radio, K-Clark is all over it. I don't even like the song. Kelly- get off my back. 

- No. I DID NOT just start crying during the Glee proposal. Why would you ask that?

On to the post...

Mostly what I want to talk about today is this: I have a new camera, and so now I need to take some pictures.

Yesterday, I went to the BFF's house because she has two freakin' adorable little boys. We took roughly 99 pictures between the two of us. I only found six that I wanted to edit. Six. of 99.

Since it's not a point and shoot, I took it off "auto" after about a week, lest the photography gods (or PandaMom) smite me down.

But my pictures still stink. So I have to learn about my camera. And that means taking lots and lots of pictures. And then some more. And playing with my settings and hoping to get better.

So here I go. I've found a couple of different photo challenges to get me going.
Will I finish all of them? Probably not.
Will I blog all of them? Doubtful.
But I need to take pictures.

I'm also doing some daily sneak peeks of my life. Not ready to commit to 365, but getting there.

Day 1:
Favorite Food 

Now, this is not my favorite food of all, but it is up there in the top. It was, however, all I had to take a picture of on short notice. A meat and cheese tray in Italy was not readily available for a quick photo op. (And this was the only one of the pictures I've taken in full Manual. I'm getting there.)


Day 1: Self portrait.

Oh my word trying to get this was a challenge in itself because I wanted to take it in one specific mirror. I took a zillion (or 8) pictures. Most were blurry. Some had me making funny faces. One of them was of my armpit. So, yeah. I've got some work to do.

And finally, a sneak peek of my day.  We were talking about the water cycle and I love the drawing and the colors so I grabbed a shot. My kids didn't even think twice about  it.

So there.
I'm working on my photog skillz.

You've been warned.

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