Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love and words and pictures

Sorry I've been so radio silent. I'm not melancholy or anything. I've been reading more, and there is my unfortunate addiction to solitaire on my kindle fire...

Today is Valentine's Day and I am a teacher, and that just means that I sent more than one text to a coworker and The Aunt in which I declared that I would be drinking SO MUCH WINE tonight.

It was chaotic (a sub didn't show up) and crazy (maybe you missed the part about it being Valentine's Day and me being a teacher and all). There was sugar. Lots and lots of sugar.

In the end, it was such a sweet day, filled with flowers and love and lots of chocolates. My class spoiled me with a basket of "my favorite things." A gift card, which I promptly took to Pei Wei for some Valentine's dinner. Some Sprite and some cherries, to make cherry sprite. A beautiful iron cross for my apartment. .

My favorite was the book that my class made in which they listed why I was the best teacher or a special teacher, and basically they made it sound like I just give them candy and let them play games all day. Nice. Real nice.

I don't know how non-teacher singles do Valentine's Day. It would be way depressing were I not showered with gifts: 

My basket of goodies from my class

Other miscellaneous treats, including a 12-pack of my favorite new drink.

A sideways view of my flowers.

Our minute-to-win-it party game
One of my guys gave me this candy disguised as a bowler-wearing mustached man.    

And... one of my boys apparently gave one of KC's girls a box of chocolates as big as he gave me. Wow. I didn't know it at the time, because I was mediating my entire class orchestrating one of my girls giving one of my boys a flower.

And I know how both of those kiddos felt, as I recently went out on a limb. And have been haunted ever since.

Happy Valentine's Day friends!

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