Monday, February 06, 2012

In which I drive around for an hour and use up all of my curse words for the entire year

I was going to write a post about kickball, because that is my life right about now, but I decided after school to go get The Parent a birthday present. The Mom said The Dad wanted a gift card from Edwin Watts for his birthday coming up, and that I could go get one from the local South of the Lake store. I figured that I could go right after school and then hit the grocery before heading home.

I got into my car, pulled out Clementine, my trusty gps, and typity typed "Edwin Watts" into the search. It was sending me in a direction other than my mother's suggestion did, but I tend to blindly follow my gps regardless of things like my better judgement.

Clementine took me all over this big old city, past places like Las Colinas, and Irving. Then, it took me down a road that had all sorts of fancy buildings that were called "Gentleman's Clubs". I felt super-safe.

Then...then... it took me to my destination. Edwin Watts Golf.

Well, it used to be an Edwin Watts Golf. Now it's some sort of home furnishings store with a plastic banner over what used to be the Edwin Watts store.

I pulled out my little phone and googled the nearest Edwin Watts. It was that one my mother was talking about. And... here's where it gets stupid... I set my car in the direction of the store and headed that way.

Through downtown traffic. Where stupid people get behind the wheel.

And that is why today I used up all of my curse words for the entire year. After the third part of speech conjugation of an inappropriate word or two, I decided to head to plan B.

And so I went to the Tom Thumb and bought a Visa gift card and called it a day.

Day Five: 10am
This is not exactly 10am. This is where I spend my Sunday mornings.
Day Six: dinner
Not very exciting, but maybe you missed the part above where I drove around all afternoon and cursed a lot.

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