Saturday, February 04, 2012

The small interweb world and a Stranger.

A blog I frequent, called Kelly's Korner, occasionally does a Show Us Your Singles. I typically put my blog up there, and even had one guy interested (turns out he was a recently-divorced cat guy from another state = so not right for me.)

This time, I put the post up, but didn't hold my breath. Then, I got a Facebook wall post that left me promptly forgetting all about that other blog until this evening.

I went on it again today, to look at all the singles in the DFW area, just to see who was around, and I found a post that a sister wrote about her brother.

And realized that the sister was a friend of mine! I didn't know she had a blog, and I certainly don't publicize this one, so the subject of blogs just never came up. So, if you're checking this out to see who wrote that crazy comment on your brother's wall... Hi Stephanie!

Day Four: Stranger

Today's picture challenge was to take a picture of a stranger.

I did. But you won't see it.

I don't put pictures on here unless I have permission from the person or their parent, should they be under the age of 18. Sometimes I blur the photo, but what's the point of showing off the picture if I'm  going to blur it.

The picture I took was of someone who started the day off being a stranger, but has transitioned to acquaintance. We had a YL leadership thing today, in which we went to a leader's house, did a little training, had a little dinner, and then played a little car tag. While we were waiting around for everyone to get with their teams, I sneaked a picture of him. I didn't want to go through the whole process of explaining the picture challenge.

But I took a picture, and it's a good candid shot. The focus was good and the lighting was good and I'm now almost 100% confident on manual. Crazy.

Oh, and Kelly Clarkson's still stalking me, but now she's in my head, as I wake up singing her songs.

Resistance is apparently futile.

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