Sunday, April 15, 2012


I saw this on pinterest the other day and it knocked my socks off.

And I wasn't even wearing socks.

This knocked me on my tailbone for two reasons. One: it's a beautiful verse, and one I'd hoped to incorporate into my wedding some day. I have always felt an attachment to this verse, and also, to that single girl Ruth.

Second: I decided a few days ago that I really loved the bicycle print, and I needed to incorporate it into my decor or scrapbooking (what's that?) and general life this summer. It's a summery thing, and I'm ready- so ready- for summer.

So those two things together just screamed me!

I was just reading another blogger that I stalk adore reading, and she quoted Ruth at the end of a blog post. This same verse actually.

It seems I will be heading to Ruth for a little while.

And just because... I went out and used a gift card to buy myself this:

I hope it's a good summer.

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