Monday, April 16, 2012

Chairs are a privelege. You have been warned.

That was the message I gave my class today. I calmly explained to them that if the chair issue wasn't resolved immediately, I would remove every chair from the room save the two different ones I sit in. And I meant it.

Chair problem solved.

Now you might remember how some of the parents at my school tend to overreact? Well, we've got a little bit of an issue with parents ignoring the handicapped signs.One of the parents said "you can't exactly enforce it." My interim principal called the po-po and now they're policing our parking lot this week.

Handicapped parking problem solved.

This weekend, I had an allergic meltdown, and when that happens, it tends to settle in my chest. So, now I am hacking and hocking. It's very dainty. And freaks Daisy out. A lot. I've also taken to sleeping on the couch. Which makes sense in the middle of the night, but not so much in the morning.

I have already discovered my new summer trend. Headscarves. It lets me wear my hair wet and pulled up in a messy bun, but a little fancier. I hate my new haircut, but my hair is still my vanity.

Today I have not been able to spell to save my life. I've screwed up twice just typing that sentence. Mistakes I have made just today: "civil ware" instead of "civil war". "Civel war" instead of "civil war" (yes, we're talking about the civil war in social studies), and others I've pushed out of my mind.

And finally, an ecard for you, since I've been all about that lately:

 I've got to go read some more of my book, because I'm not obsessed if I don't read a zillion chapters a day, and morn the loss of it when I put it down to sleep at night. (And yes, last night I finally resorted to dreaming about it. All...night...long.)

Happy Monday Homeys!

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  1. Anonymous10:22 PM CDT

    Hi! I recently found your blog and have been enjoying it. I am single as well and laughed at that ecard :)



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