Saturday, May 12, 2012

Insta- Friday (on Saturday)

Annie does a Top 5 Friday, 
and this week's topic is favorite Instagrams.
 I have a bit of a dilemma with The Instagram as of late, but first... 

My top 5 favorite instagrams 

Sunset in the Suburbs. 
Such a good picture- amazing I took it on my phone

One of my friends makes fun of me for taking pictures of my shoes, but I love to do it... 
It is a way of doing a self-portrait for someone who doesn't like to be in front of the camera
And I think it conveys feelings and emotions just as much as a full-on face shot
Saturday afternoon little league game

Sunday in the park
On a Sunday that I didn't want to be anywhere but inside my head
This place turned out to be a good second place alternative

An "End of State Mandated Testing" treat
Everytime I sit on babies, I make sure we go to Bucks.
Bahama Bucks

 And finally...from way back when... 
Friday Night Lights at the local high school rivalry game
The prayer in the middle of the field. 

 And, as for my problem... my students have found my Instagram. And begun following me. And commenting on every...single...picture I put up there. It's not a question of content- anything I put on the web I make sure wouldn't get me in trouble should a child or parent see it (as long as it's not my own parent, mind you). It's just really annoying when they start getting all mouthy and showy in the comments section of one of my photos.

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