Sunday, May 13, 2012

One more chapter. Or two. Or twelve.

Sorry I've been MIA as of late.
This little image gives you a good indication of why:

The Aunt sent me this in an email.
And as usual, she was spot on.

 I've been obsessively reading the Outlander series, and I cannot stop myself. I finished book four on Friday evening, and am making myself do things like laundry and cleaning my apartment before purchasing and downloading book five.

We've gone from Scotland in 1745 to North Carolina in 1770, and I am utterly obsessed. The books are so character-driven that I I'm staying up way past my bedtime and even reading a chapter while I eat my breakfast and blow dry my hair. (Yet another plus of the eReader... you can prop the book up and turn the pages with a touch while you are drying your hair.)

It's  nuts. 

There's one more thing that's been in my head obsessively lately...
This version of "Call Your Girlfriend".
so wonderful...

And yes, if I had a boyfriend, this would be his ringtone...

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  1. Brooke(pomerhn) keeps telling me I need to read these, and you're convincing me!!!



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