Friday, May 18, 2012


It would happen that I would have a very eventful morning on the very morning that my 31 Things prompt was morning. I was pretty sure that since I devoted the blog to sharing 31 Things that I would have other bloggable moments in the in between, and today was no exception.

But the 31 prompt is much more generic than the specific, crazy-@$$ morning I participated in, so I'll leave that at the bottom and tell you about my morning today. Have I used the word morning enough?

I had about a bazillion things to do this morning, and roughly no time in which to do them. That is also my fault, because some of them could have been done the night before, and also because I slept in until 6 instead of getting up at first alarm. I also may have stayed up an extra 51 minutes last night reading. Whatever.

This morning, I had to get myself ready for school, get Daisy ready for an overnighter at the granddogparents, get my computer packed up since I left it out last night, get myself packed for said overnighter, drop Daisy off at the granddogparents, get Starbucks, and get myself to school. By 7:15, as there was a breakfast thing that guaranteed no parking after that time.

Can I tell you that I got all of that accomplished? I did. I made it to school, found a parking space, and made it in to make my copies. I added paper to the copy machine. I picked up all of my stuff to go to my classroom.

And dropped my coffee in such a spectacular explosion that it managed to cover my shoes, my jeans, my keys, my copies, the paper cutter, my purse sitting on the paper cutter, about a fourth of the copy room floor, and my cream colored top. The entire top. Covered in white chocolate mocha. Sticky, sugary white chocolate mocha.

I managed to get my coffee-covered things to my room and tell J's kids to earmuff it before I let spew forth a plethora of curse words, took a deep breath, and then pulled myself together. At this point, it was 7:25.

I went to the LEAP teacher, and asked her to cover my class, giving her a few instructions, and then took my sticky self to the nearest Target (that wasn't open) and the nearest Walmart and bought myself a new shirt. The jeans could be managed, but the shirt... notsomuch.

I was in and out in under $7 and 10 minutes, thanks to my ninja shopping skills, and since there was no traffic and the parking lots were asking to be cut through, I made it back to school by 7:55. And my kids were the perfect angels that they needed to be. 

I haven't finished the 31 Things for today, as I typically do them at night, but I'll put it on up here when I get a second. Which will probably happen tomorrow.

Here's my morning spread.I may change the picture on the left. I wasn't home when I put this together, so I didn't have many available options for that spot. But it is a picture of my favorite pillow case and my side of the bed. The left is my writing in response to the prompt. The right is my current morning routine.

They're supposed to be  half page for each day, but I may end up making these a full 12 x 12 for each day.
I didn't intend to start these in my current loved colors of turquoise and tangerine, but I might. The things I'm learning about digital templates is making me want to play, and play often.

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