Thursday, May 17, 2012

31 Days and Jewelry

I'm doing Ali Edward's 31 Days. One of my besties is doing it too.  It's about documenting some of the stories of our lives. I went through the same range of emotions as I do when I embark on anything Creative. I get SO excited when I decide to do it and take the plunge, but then freeze up as the time to start gets closer. (I have some fear issues I'm working on).

Today is the first day, and I am in love with the project. I looked ahead at the subjects for each of the days, and some of them could not be more compatible with where my life is (even bits of my life that have changed since I first saw the list).

I love that it is for 31 days but doesn't start on the first of a month. It starts in the middle of a week. This is so liberating for someone like me. If I miss a day, I don't have the date taunting me regarding my lack of posting.

I love it that Ali gives you the tools to do it in a digital format or a digital/paper hybrid. I haven't decided how I want to do it just yet, but it's easy to copy and paste and make sure both ways are covered when I do finally decide my path.

I love it that she gives us the prompts and thoughts in the morning, and encourages us to let them ruminate in our heads all the day long. That is what I did today, and it took me less than 30  minutes to type out my thoughts for the day. My story. It's short today, but some days it will be a longer story, and  I love it that she has given me bigger writing spaces for those days.

I love it that she does her video tutorial in PSE, which is the program I'm using. So easy for me, and my life just needs that right now.

I love this project, and will share it with you. Piece by piece. Day by day. Some days I won't blog, but I'll keep up. I'm not in the most creative blogging place right now, so this should help quite a bit.

And here's day one's journaling.

I haven't taken the picture yet.
I'm also still working on the layered template,  though I'm getting the hang of this and might just do it digitally after all.
I'll update after I've taken the picture, but I wanted to at least get the words out there. And who knows. I might master the digital template before the night is over.

Here is the introduction and day one template. I'm not happy about the left side. I'll probably do the hybrid version because I have a pattern for paper I want to put on that side.
In the mean time...Layered template: I am the boss of you.

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