Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Aunt is coming!

Because we are both going through the most trying, I-will-not-punch-my-sister-or-mother-in-law-in-the-throat time in our lives, the good Lord saw fit to send The Aunt away from her crazy and into mine for a small vacation for the both of us. And I couldn't be happier.

And because I have no concept of time, space, and distance, I left my meeting early to pick her up from the airport, only to arrive at the airport area roughly one hour before her plane is to land. I am using my time wisely, blogging from my phone and getting the Escape washed and cleaned up. And in case you were wondering, the bathroom at the car wash in Downtown Dallas smells exactly like you would expect it to smell.

The Aunt and I always text before flights to discuss what might happen should the plane go down on a deserted island Lost-style, and since I've obviously got some time to kill, I thought I'd share some of those texts with you.

(Fair warning: I'm blogging from my phone so I have no idea if these will come out in the right order or will be formatted in any way that makes sense, but you can figure it out.)

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