Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Take care

First and foremost, according to Wheel of Fortune, I've apparently been spelling mantel wrong. In my defense, it looked wrong, but I didn't care enough to research it.

I went to the doctor yesterday. Nothing big, just yet another med check to make sure my meds are working and make sure nothing needs to be changed. Nothing needs to be changed.

I had been just quickly seeing the nurse practitioner, because I know they are able to prescribe, but yesterday I saw my doctor, and I remembered how much I love seeing my doctor. I think I'll continue to go back and see him in the future.

My blood pressure was back down to normal after being a little high last year. I blamed my class last year for my high blood pressure, and apparently it was the truth. 

I took him my lab results from the district blood draw I received (last November...), and he said I was in excellent health. My cholesterol is just the right number, and the GOOD cholesterol was in the high category, which is a good thing. I give credit to the copious amounts of cheese I eat.

When The Sister and I had our little verbal throw down, she said "you don't take care of yourself." I went on to explain to her that I do, in fact, take care of myself. I just do it a little differently than she thinks.

I sleep. A lot. Every night. I get about 7 hours of sleep every single night. And twelve on the weekends.

I listen to music.
I drive with the windows down.
I hit snooze and snuggle.
I do some things guilt-free.
I laugh. A lot. (And if there's nothing funny- I make something funny.)
I take a lot of pictures. Good pictures. Bad pictures. Pictures with my phone.
I create stuff.
I make messes.
I run with scissors.
I breathe. A lot of times, I make sure I take a deep breath before I speak.
I make other people happy, which in turn makes me happy.

I don't keep score. 

I take care of myself.

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  1. my MOST important rule of taking care of myself.....
    eat tacos whenever the opportunity arises - it makes me happy and happiness leads to a longer life

    as for you - don't forget - you blog your frustrations about said sister instead of bottling them up until you go postal - i personaly appreciate your blogs for their humor, insight, and oh-so-fantastic links - but also because i won't have to hear about the massacre on the local news



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