Monday, October 08, 2012

Things I will not miss. A Photo Essay

The sister has moved out and I'm living in solitary bliss.

I've compiled a little bit of photographic exampling of the things I will not miss as I live by myself. 

1. The contents of her closet. In front of my closet.
2. A pile in front of the bathtub. Even Daisy's confused.
4. The ceiling fan always being turned off. I'm not sure she's aware we're in Texas.

1. Clothes all over my laundry room.
2. Inability to get to my ironing board because of all of the clothes in front of them.
3. K-cups. A week's worth at a time.
4. My kitchen looking like this.

And, friends... I've spared you the gross stuff.

You're welcome.

Daily picture. Straight out of my iPhone. No filters. 

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