Thursday, October 11, 2012


I wanted to share with you a few conversations I had today, along with other miscellaneous events that are all sorts of ordinary in the life of a 4th grade teacher.

By the way, I had to mute the VP debate, because as a fourth grade teacher, I've been hearing people argue, talk over each other, and smirk at each other all. day. long. And it wasn't just the kids.

We started out this morning with our football player, who literally ran back up to the school to play with us when he heard our music practice was cancelled. (Don't even get me STARTED on music practice right now.) We took the kids outside, and the girls played on the playground while the boys played a rousing game of spiderball. One of the girls from the playground came over to the teacher gathering and gave THE most dramatic performance I've ever witnessed. She "fell" off the swings, but after this performance, we're pretty sure she jumped or flipped off backwards.

She came over clutching her stomach. Then she bent forward. Then she went down to her knees. Then she sat down and laid on her back. She put her arms over her head. There was heavy breathing. There were tears.

There were three teachers staring at her incredulously and looking around for the cameras, quite certain we were being punked.

Then, at lunch time, we had a conversation that only students at our school would have:
me: ooh. That's from that new restaurant Zoe's Kitchen. What kind of food do they have?
girl: Greek food. I've heard they have great hummus. 
During the day, I had the following email conversation with The Aunt:
I had an email from The Sister telling me she would be in town this weekend and would love to see us…That has never happened before…
I will be getting my affairs in order as that a clear indicator that the rapture is soon to be upon us.

And finally, conversations with my custodian.
me: Mr. R, I'm going out to get some dinner. Would you like me to bring you back a dessert? Something sweet?
Mr. R: Sure. But I don't have any cash on me.
me: HUSH YOUR MOUTH. You will NEVER pay me for bringing you treats. You just remember this the next time someone throws up on my floor. 

Because in my line of work, that could be tomorrow.

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