Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Tuesday was totally the boss of me.

You know it's a challenging day when the song running through your head ALL. DAY. LONG for no apparent reason was the Backstreet Boys' rousing song "Rock Your Body."

Today was elementary school picture day which ended up totally kicking my butt. I did my hair all nice and pretty (well, it was for about five minutes) and put on what I planned last night to wear. And then put on something else. And then something else.

I eventually lost count of how many combinations of pants and tops I'd tried on, and settled on something that would do. I was already fifteen minutes later than I needed to be walking out the door, and I still had to stop at the Sonic for my new obsession: diet coke with regular cherry. 

My hair was a bit of a loss, but it's long and straight and there's not much I do with it anyways. We were supposed have our individual pictures before school started, so we don't have to look cute while trying to wrangle a bunch of fourth graders who are all trying play with their hair.

Well, the picture people were late setting up, so there were no before-school pictures, which means I will have to take retakes, but I am quite certain that I am not the only one. It wasn't a big deal to me, because I had two papers to make copies of before school so I could teach math.

But then, both of the copy machines were broken. Yes, BOTH.

Eventually, I remembered I was giving a test, and had a little bit of time to pull myself together, which I finally did. And then, one of my moms that also works at the school for a bit ended up running out to grab some lunch (because Tuesday was also being the boss of her), and she brought me back lunch. So all was well with my world.

Tomorrow I plan to show Wednesday who is the boss.

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