Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmastime in Pictures

I don't pull my camera out as much lately, but for family functions and holidays, I bring it out and I bring the pictures.

Go big or go home.

So, over the course of two days, I took approximately a bajillion pictures.

The easiest way to share them is to collage them all up in this house, so I spent sorting, photoshop-elementing, and templating the bajillion pictures so you don't have to look at 100 thousand million billion in one post.

I hosted Christmas Eve at my house, including cooking a prime rib dinner. As I was taking the roast out of the oven, and my mother was helping me carve the roast, my father and my sister were halfway through dinner. Nice.

Then, we went to the Christmas Eve service. I worked in the booth for the first hour, and then again for the 9pm service. The 5pm service I volunteer in to help. The 9pm hour I volunteer in to escape the family.

Christmas morning, I woke up to lots of thunder that would eventually turn into snow. The sister drove me to the airport so I could hop on a jet and head to the real part of my family: The Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins.

Why do I call them my real family? While my nuclear family couldn't even wait for me to finish cooking dinner before eating, The Cousins insisted on waiting until I got to Lubbock at 3:30 to open even one present. 

 The Aunt gave the girls Catch Phrase, and that side of the family is a sit down and play a game kind of family, so after a delicious dinner, we had big fun with Catch Phrase. And there was only one threat of divorce that came completely unrelated to the game itself.

And that, my loves, is my Christmas. It was, as usual, perfect.

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