Saturday, December 29, 2012

December Daily. In one post. (or, Whoa Nelly!)

When I first saw that Ali Edwards was doing her December Daily in 4 x 6, I thought...
only one picture?
only a little journaling?
I could never do it that way...

And now that it's the end of December, and I'm kind of done with this project and so focused on looking forward to 2013, I totally get it.

I've taken pictures for every day. I've even digitally edited them to add the overlays and the dates.
Some of them have even been printed out and put into the album, which itself is completely incomplete.

And I'm okay with all of that.

But I did want to share the photos.

So, wow... here's about a bajillion (or 26 or so) pictures from my December. Since I've shown 1 and 2, we'll start with 3.

Because I'm ready to move on to an exciting new (for me) project in 2013.

My new classroom tree

Sitting on teenagers. In 1985

My wish list.

LISDOLA I have a different picture for real life.

Dinner with The Sister

Every Sunday, not just in December

Dinner with the Tech Crew.
Two of my favorite people in this picture.

Trying to be all domestic for 12-12-12 the next day

Sitting on babies. This time a little more modern

My littlest one's recorder concert. Blurred for privacy.
Wyldlife Christmas Club.
Not sure why we are making the silly thumbs up.

Last minute Christmas shopping.
For everyone and everything.

Nutcracker with the besties.
The picture above- the Russian dancer- may or may not have been taken illegally.

Wait! What about the 17th?
Well, like the 8th, the picture is taken and in the book. And I have no idea about the digital copy.
It was the picture of all of the presents that I bought on the fifteenth, only wrapped.

This year my school did a holiday shop for the kids.

Wednesday night activities.
Mrs. Francis teaches about Lottie Moon.

Staff party.
She was gifted these shorts.

The family came to visit for the night.
The Uncle modeled the hat for us.

A lazy day, where Father and Uncle sat and visited.

Sunday, pajama day at church telling the story of Jesus.
There were other pictures, with me in them,
but they were blurry. Oh well.

I cooked Christmas Eve dinner.
It was delicious.
Santa was servicing my plane
in the snow on Christmas Day.

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