Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Whoa nelly.

Full moon, so my kids are crazy. All three classes were bonkers, and I had to go to meetings and send home math reviews and one of the other teachers sent my babysitting kid to me because of her headache instead of THE NURSE. ?!? (Luckily, after I sent her to the nurse, said nurse told me that she's a frequent flier and didn't have a fever and so I could send her on her merry way...back to class)

All of this...AND... I had to get up at 4-FREAKING-30 in the morning to get here at 5:45 so the mom could get the airport in time to catch her flight to Vegas.

I'm exhausted and have given the kids a strict 8:30 bedtime, which they both answered with "um, okay" which in kid-speak means "think whatever you want to crazy lady but we ain't goin to bed anytime before 10."

Since it's been a yelling kind of day, and I've raised my voice more than once and more than just on this little old blog, I'm going to tell you the real reason I hopped on the Dashboard and clicked "compse post"

These three gems (both Downton Abbey related, so SPOILERS!):
Downton Abbey characters explaining how we feel about Season 3
I am okay about season three now that I've read this.
If Downton Abbey took place on The Facebook.

Oh, and my babysitting kid just asked "Who are the Westboro Baptist Church?" and he's a middle school boy which means he will not drop it until he is satisfied with an answer.

Dear Full Moon-

(Updated to add: He's moved on from hatred-spewing religious groups and is now simply arguing with me over why I've told him to stop-watching-so-many-freaking-youtube-videos-and-do-something-productive-with-your-evening.)

(Updated to add that now he is also arguing with me because I won't let him DYE HIS LACROSSE HEAD! I'm the meanest in the land. And all I have to say to that is: puh-leeze. Like you didn't know that already.)

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