Sunday, March 03, 2013

Little of this. Lots of that.

See, my blog doesn't always have to be about Project Life.

Speaking of life, here's what's going on in mine:

- I'm home for a whole week by myself. No kids. Just me and Daisy and work and very few commitments in the evenings. Sigh. It will be wonderful.

- On Friday, I had to take the day off because one of the kiddos I was sitting on came down with a temperature, and I have eleventy million days off and I had plenty of lead time to put together plans, so I bit the bullet. I got to go up to school in my sweats and no make up like all the other moms to take little sister to school. It was glorious.

- Not only was it glorious because I got to lay in bed and watch movies and Good Morning America all day, but also because all hell broke loose among the fourth grade team on Friday, and I wasn't there to have to deal. Now, tomorrow I'm going to have to deal with the passive-aggressive-act-like-a-complete-child aftermath of it, but I'll just sequester myself in my room and try to avoid as much contact with the child other teacher as possible.

-In reference to the above, I'm not afraid of this particular conflict, and would be happy to sit down and hash it all out, but that requires both parties to be grown up and normal acting, and in this instance, I'd be the only grown-up normal acting one. And that thought should leave you as cold and frightened as it does me.

- I've spent a good bit of time with KC at school and out of school, almost weekly now. She or her kid could have made every week of my PL album outside of school, and that is good healing for my lonely soul. I'm loving the things we're getting to do together.

- That said, I've missed the BFF terribly, because we haven't seen each others' faces in a while. We're making a date over spring break to see a movie (we are, aren't we BFF?) and I can't wait to just hang out together again. The phone just doesn't cut it sometimes (and I'm really really bad at the phone thing.)

- One week when I was out of my apartment, for, like, days, I got a new neighbor (actually two). I think. It's been questionable as to whether anyone actually lives there or not, but a couple of Mondays ago I happened to be walking out the door as he was, and I saw actual furniture in his apt. He had a couple of carry-on suitcases and he was waiting for someone to come pick him up, presumably to take him to the airport. Haven't seen him since. I've decided that he's an International Spy, and the apartment across the hall is his safe house, where he goes in between trips to fight terrorist cells all over the world. I'm expecting shady characters to show up any day now.

- Based on the above statement, I've also decided I might watch a smidge too much television, particularly spy shows and the like.

- I got the new iPhone 5, and I love it terribly so. I got it for the camera, and the quality of the pictures was worth it. And I also may be in love with Siri, much like Raj. She makes my life so much simpler, and right now, that equals LOVE for me.

- I had a dream last night that it was college football season, and I'm so sad that I woke up and it's not.

- I've spent the last two or three days putting together my spring wardrobe, and I'm waiting for my debit card to get declined at Old Navy with a note that says "You're grounded. No more tunics and linen shorts. You're cut off."

- I'm behind in journaling for PL, and instead of focusing on that, I'm going to completely switch out two desks that I have in my apartment to make my workspace work better for me. You know, instead of actually just working on it. Maybe that can be for tomorrow.

I've got to go be productive as a teacher now, since I went and took the day off on Friday.


  1. I didn't make the most missed list?

  2. You are the permanent owner of the #1 spot on the most missed list, and you will be until you move back here to DFW.

    (And you know that sassypants.)



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