Monday, February 18, 2013

project life {week 6}

So now, this is just a blog about project life. I understand if I no longer have any readers. (Because I had tens of readers before, I tell you.)

And because I'm so obsessed with this project, I've gone and bought the Olive Edition too. (I couldn't decide between that and the Seafoam to begin with, I had a little bit left on an amazon gift card, and it was on sale. So there.)

After last week's pages, which I was not impressed with, I jumped into this week's pages, and I love them so much. I had a full, busy week, spent with lots of people, so there's lots of blurring.

I also spent most of the week babysitting, so I added an insert to the album. I feel like such a professional lifer!

Here you go:

Left side plus insert- lost of pictures of the weekend
Back of insert (NO LACROSSE IN THE HOUSE!) and the right side

Here are some closeups without the inserts:

I documented the crazy busy week I had. I finished my mantel (which I love). A note about the picture of dinner with KC and her bebe. Packing for the time I'm gone, and what I forgot. Because I always forget something.

A picture of my bed at the sitting house, and a little note about how I feel about that house. Another picture of KC's bebe, because we saw each other twice out of school that week. The top picture documents my glamorous job, and how sometimes, I have to go stake out the boy's bathroom and write office referrals for the kiddo. (I plan to redo the picture without the PL stamp in the middle).

Finally, Daisy's story of the week... she went to the groomer, R, who always does her hair just right.

I'm actually mostly done with week 7 too, and I'm in love with that one as well.

I just really really love this project. It helps me realize just how full of a life I lead.

The Mom Creative


  1. It's always so rewarding to have a crazy busy week and still find time to record it! Good for you!

  2. Anonymous11:13 AM CST

    I am cracking up laughing at your tens of readers comment! My blog has become a project life blog too but I am okay with that.

  3. Your spread turned out great this week. Great job with your inserts. I always forget things when I pack too. Have you received the Olive edition yet? I can't wait to see how you use it. I'm waiting until May for the Honey (I think that's the name) edition. I love those Who What When, etc cards in Seafoam, though.

  4. Anonymous1:04 PM CST

    You are seriously rocking this. I am SO GLAD to have an IRL friend that is obsessed like me and also has a PL blog. ;0 Your pages are awesome - can't wait to see how you use the Olive stuff.

  5. Anonymous3:58 AM CST

    For me it is perfectly fine that your blog is just a PL blog now. It still provides me of a lot of inspiration!



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