Monday, February 11, 2013

project life {week 5}

Love this project.

Just not this week.

I was out of the apartment for most of the week, and the whole weekend, which is when I am usually most crafty. So, as of last night, I had few pictures and only a general idea and sketch of what I wanted.

Which what I wanted was to get this bad boy done.

lots of people mentioned = lots of blurring
The pictures aren't that great, but the life is documented, and that is what is important.

Left side:
training, what I'm reading, a fun prize, and me & Daisy's latest addictions
While I'd like you to think the blue strip on the bottom was designed to tie it in to the title card, but in reality, I messed up on the writing underneath. Really messed up. I went to a training at another school and it rained/stormed something fierce.

Right side:
some family things, a friend from church, and super bowl sunday
Exciting- got my new erin condren planner.
A little of my Sunday morning routine.
Super Bowl Sunday.

I'm determined to document this life... even the weeks I'm just not excited about.
(I'm also determined not to get behind either...)

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